• Pit Team:

    Pictured are members of the Pit Powerlifting Team in Evansville, IN. The Pit has captured 15 National Titles since 1974.

  • OWOWTeam:

    OThe OWOWs are a relatively new team, primarily made up of Master female lifters. They hail from Columbia Missouri and are rewriting the American Master records.

  • Joe Newton:

    Joe Newton holds the World record bench press in his division as well as Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total American records.

  • Matt Sohmer:

    Matt was the first teenager to squat over 800lbs unequipped. As a teenager, Matt holds the senior World Record in the Squat as well as multiple World titles.

  • Jacob Stagg:

    Jacob holds world teenage records in the squat, deadlift and total as well as most American and National records in his division.

  • Shelly Frazier:

    Shelly holds the world record in the bench press and American records for all lifts in her division. Additionally, she is one of the OWOW original members and leaders.

Presidents Message (April 2016)

The ADFPF has undergone some changes over the past year that I wish to bring everyone up to speed on. First of all, we have had a couple of changes at the executive board level. Tim Piper resigned from his position as treasurer and Michael Chase is currently taken over these duties. I would like to thank Tim for all of his time and efforts over the past several years. He has been an invaluable resource for our organization and we will miss him. John Jachim has also resigned his position on the ADFPF board. Among John’s responsibilities in the past were drug control officer. John did a good job in implementing the necessary steps to allow our National meets to set World (WDFPF) records. Thank you John for your service. Replacing John is Shelly Frazier. Shelly has been involved with the ADFPF for several years and was nominated as a board member last year. Shelly’s background as a doctor will be extremely helpful in our drug testing protocols. Finally, Bill Sias has stepped in to help with our website and other technical issues that where would like to be more efficient (like membership cards, records…etc…). Hopefully, these positive changes can help us grow and service our membership more effectively. As a volunteer organization, it is very difficult to find people with the time and talent to do the tasks that need to be done. Often times, these tasks become overwhelming and we tend to “burnout” our volunteers. However, without people who are willing to give of themselves selflessly the ADFPF would not exist. Please keep this in mind as you interact with our staff and also with meet directors. As the ADFPF always needs volunteers (even with simple tasks at meets) if you ever so feel inclined, please contact one of our board members.

Mike Stagg
President, ADFPF

Historical Overview

From the 1988 formation of the World drug-Free Powerlifting Federation through to early 1997, the ADFPA had been the sole U.S. Affiliate to the WDFPF. By joining the International Powerlifting Federation, the ADFPA could no longer be the WDFPF's U.S. affiliate. A replacement U.S. affiliate was needed. The American Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation was formed becoming the necessary vehicle through which U.S. drug-free lifters might participate in international competition against drug-free lifters of WDFPF member nations. (For your information, in the past, two other powerlifting federations applied to become the WDFPF U.S. affiliate but were unqualified due to being unable/unwilling to meet the WDFPF's stringent drug-testing rules, regulations and policies. The ADFPF was accepted as the sole U.S. Affiliate to the WDFPF from 1999 through to 2003. As of 2005, once again the ADFPF has successfully become the WDFPF's U.S. affiliate. A Board of Directors has been established to run the business affairs of the ADFPF. The first ADFPF organizational meeting was held on June 11, 2005. Minutes of that organizational meeting are available on this website; please review these minutes at your convenience.

Current ADFPF Rules

The ADFPF rules are identical to the WDFPF rules. All ADFPF Technical Rules, Drug-Testing rules, Personal Equipment rules, Platform Equipment rules and competition rules can be found in the WDFPF Rulebook which is also available for downloading on this website.

View the WDFPF Rule Book

American Drug Free Powerlifting Federation Mission Statement

The ADFPF is a non-profit organization formed to provide all amateur athletes with legitimate drug-tested powerlifting, Strongman/women and Highland Games competitions through local, state, regional and national championships, while encouraging the growth of international amateur drug-free competition. To insure that the ADFPF as well as all ADFPF competitions are governed with integrity and by the highest standards of meet structure, officiating and organizational administration.